Why do people insist on being nasty to complete strangers?

March 3, 2009

“Good Morning! My name is Jessica, can I please speak to George?”

“Is there something I can help you with?”

“Actually, on his account, it states I should only speak to him. If he is not available, it is possible I can leave a message?”

“Jessica, if you tell me why your calling, I can leave a message, or try and help.”

“I’m really sorry, but I have to go by what Georges’ account says. Is there a better time I can reach him?”

“I think you hsould tell me where you are calling from, or I can’t give him a message” happy-face-istock-456

“No, thats ok, I’ll try again later in ther week. Have¬† GREAT day!”


Has this happened t o anyone?? I just don’t understand why people have to be so mean to a stranger who is being so nice to them! This woman knows damn well that when a personal call comes to her, she doesn’t want any of her personal business being shared to someone else…right??


So, Why??

Did this woman have a bad morning? Did she spill her coffee on her lap while driving to work? Maybe her husband just told her, as she was getting her bagel all cream cheesed (thats what she said) at the kitchen table that morning, that he was sleeping with the woman who works cash register 12

Will that be paper..or plastic?

Will that be paper..or plastic?

at the local food mart. Either way, I was having a great morning. Wonderful coffee in hand, when SMASH! shattered. Bad day, beginning at 10:04. To top it all off, that wasn’t the only attitude-y person today!

Are you all with me here??

Thank you and seriously….HAVE A GREAT FREAKIN’ DAY!


Why can’t we find a Big Comfy Couch?!?

February 27, 2009

So, by now, years after the shows finale, EVERYONE knows of  ‘Central Perk’, the infamous coffee shop on Friends that was run by Gunther, a man with hair brighter than the sun.

Central Perk and their most essential item
Central Perk and their most essential item

The question is….DO places like that actually exist? Or are they left for people to dream about such a glorious thing in their imagination?

Well, when it comes to my little Island of Long, we’re left sitting on lawn furniture, staring at a white latuce covered, mirrored wall, in the middle of the beautiful Babylon village drinking our nice huge, perfect and cheap cup of coffee, OR sitting in our big comfy chairs staring at a beautiful fireplace with the words “Starbucks” written across our cups, right after we refinanced our houses to pay for our “tall” vanilla latte.

Why can’t we find a Big Comfy Couch?? It’s not a hard concept, it really isn’t. All I want is a lil’ mom n’ pop shop with a cozy atmosphere that carries the occasional pastry im craving that morning. A place that everyone knows my name and what I drink regularly. I guess I just have to travel an 1 1/2 into  downtown Manhattan to find that, maybe, no guarantees there since Central Perk doesn’t actually exist.3256230048_234e7ed7601

People like coffee, people love being comfortable. You see it on t.v. and in the movies all the time, you would think someone would open one or several on Long Island, I mean my Island of Long. So, before work, Kerri and I, all the while sitting on white resin backyard furniture sipping our lovely coffee, just have to imagine ourselves in a garden, feeling comfortable, sitting on our white-resin-backyard-furniture.